Maths ‘n’ Moves! A new math-art training course for teachers is open for registration!

Maths ‘n’ Moves! A brand new math-art training course for teachers!

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Maths ‘n’ Moves is the brand new training course of Olde Vechte Foundation about body movement as a tool to teach mathematics. Maths ‘n’ Moves is open for teachers and school staff members that are interested to explore teaching maths through an innovative and impactful method. For detailed description take a look at the infoletter.

Olde Vechte Foundation is located in Ommen, the Netherlands and is functioning as a training center for non formal education for the last 50 years. Since 1990 Olde Vechte has been organizing personal development and coaching training courses, while body movement is an essential element of all of these projects. Body movement sessions bring awareness on people’s behavior and the ways of communication and cooperation with others, enhance their self expression; allow the sense of initiative to grow and function as reflection on their learning. All in all, learning process is becoming much more fun and effective!

The idea of Maths ‘n’ Moves came out of our love and interest for both of these fields from Lena Nasiakou and Despoina Rafailidou, team members of the Foundation. Lena has studied Pedagogy, Despoina Mathematics and both believe that embodied learning as a kinesthetic approach has a powerful impact on participants.

When? Where?

Maths ‘n’ Moves will take place on 25 – 30 of August 2017 in Ommen, the Netherlands. The project aims to bring together teachers and school stuff from different European countries that are working on the field of alternative education of mathematics. The optimal amount of participants is 35. In case you have at least 20 people interested to participate, we can organise the same training only for your school on dates that we can schedule after discussion.

How to Apply?

First step in order to enroll to the training course is to fill in the Registration form. Once we receive it we will contact you for further information.

In order to cover your participation expenses you can apply for grants under the KA1 school sector of Erasmus+ programme in the next deadline (beginning of February 2017). We are here to assist you throughout the whole application procedure by guiding you through documentation, recommend you on the content and much more.

For any questions you might have please contact and we will connect you with the project coordinators, who will be happy to arrange a Skype call and discuss further.


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