Experience Workshop is partner in the Erasmus+ CoRe-Relief project

CoRe-Relief = COmplex Reintegration of Employees with changed working abilities to REal LiFe

CoRe-Relief brings together seven partners from six countries (Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Lithuania, Spain), and will last for a total of 26 months.

The main objective of the project is to facilitate the reintegration of people with changed abilities into the primary labour market and the main outcome of the project is a curriculum written as simple text in the working language of the partnership and in the 6 languages of the Core-Relief consortium (GE, FI, ES, SK, HU, LT) which can be used by the partnerships’ stakeholders and other partners.

Our goals include:

  1. Secure top-grade professional development for the Core-Relief Course adult/professional trainers in response to expected high demand for training.
  2. Extend the level of knowledge in connection with the main topic in Slovakia, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Hungary and Lithuania, and other EU countries.
  3. Support usage of the Core-Relief Course by elaborating its training methodology into an even greater level of detail.

Professionals of the sheltered labour market and teachers/trainers of social care workers are the primary beneficiaries and the focus of the proposed project.
Each consortium partner will establish a study group of staff members possessing one or more of the following areas of expertise in order to increase policy effectiveness:

  • Professional worker educators/trainers in the sheltered labour market
  • Health care experts
  • Adult training methodology experts

Drawing on their experience and on lessons learnt from previous projects, CoRe-Relief partners will first map the existing best practices in terms of participation in the reintegration of people with changed abilities into the primary labour market to have a thorough understanding of the complex interplay of threats to and opportunities for inclusion.

All CoRe-Relief results will be available in multilingual versions, free of charge and without restrictions through the OER (Open Educational Resources) platform.


Asociacija “Iniciatyvu tinklas” – Lithuania
Experience Workshop ay – Finland
Nevelok Haza Egyesulet – Hungary
Volkhochschule Bildungsinstitut – Belgium
Asociación para el Estudio y Promoción del Bienestar Social – Spain







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