A hot day full of discoveries in the Yeshiva near the Campus Lev of Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel

In 2017 March, by the invitation of Professor Thierry Noah Dana-Picard and in the framework of MindCET‘s Shaping the future of Education, Experience Workshop has visited the Yeshiva near the Campus Lev of Jerusalem College of Technology in Israel. Experience Workshop’s director, Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi, 4Dframe’s inventor and founder Ho Gul Park, and 4Dframe developer, artist-designer Changwook Choi had the opportunity to work together with the Yeshiva’s 50 wonderful students and teachers, including the headmaster, Refael Boublil. It was a hot and sunny day, just perfect for a unique STEAM experience, based on collaborative problem solving.

The program was all based on 4Dframe and was including the construction of a gigantic geodesic dome, consisting of almost 1,000 (!) little pieces; making Fullerenes; and to design, build and code robots. The big event was featured in the Yeshiva’s website, and recently a magazine article has also appeared about the program:


Chronicle of the day in pictures – photos by Mikhael Ehrenburg

After 3 hours of intensive work with the children, we have discussed our experiences and exchanged opinions on STEAM pedagogy with teachers from several schools of Jerusalem and staff of Jerusalem College of Technology.

After the discussion session, a distinguished scholar of Jerusalem College of Technology, Professor Yaakov Friedman has presented his groundbreaking discovery in particle physics by using an ad hoc created model of 4Dframe. Read Professor Friedman’s interesting story HERE about his childhood and about if his hypothesis is correct, then Albert Einsten‘s Theory of Relativity needs to be altered!

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