Hungarian school tours Finland with Experience Workshop

Experience Workshop provided professional and management background to the Hungarian high school Áron Szilády in their Erasmus+ KA121 mobility project. 16 ninth grade (14-year-old) students and 4 teachers visited Finland from the school. Their wish was to get in touch with children and teachers and gain first-hand experience of Finnish education. We’ve established the connection[…]

Short, intensive, efficient and fun – PUNTE courses in Komarno

As for our Erasmus+ PUNTE project, we took an important step forward in May. We organized five pilot courses in teacher training education for students in Komarno, at Selye János University. University teachers of Selye János University, Zoltán Fehér and László Jaruska hosted the event. Teacher trainers were Ildikó Szabó and Judit Mihály (Experience Workshop).[…]

Platonic solids from Itsphun at Norssi school

At “Norssi” School’s science days in Jyväskylä in mid-April we’ve also visited a second class of first-graders, Minna Suikkari’s class. We’ve moved out of the classroom to a comfortable inbetween space with carpet floor. Our idea was to introduce Platonic solids with the help of the colorful Itsphun toolkit. Itsphun is a system of interlocking shapes[…]

Analogue meeting for digital minds

Experience Workshop participated in the transnational partner meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Analogue game for digital minds – Logifaces methodology” on the 26-28th April 2022. The meeting was hosted by the coordinator Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. Logifaces is a geometric skill development game created by Hungarian architect and designer Daniel Lakos. The aim of this[…]

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