Experience Workshop’s Jomili event was a huge success in Slovakia

Jomili GalántánAlmost 200 kids and many teachers visited Experience Workshop’s Jomili program in Galanta, Slovakia.

Jomili is a math-art kit, which was introduced with a huge success not for the first time at Experience Workshop‘s events. The kit is invented by László Lukovics, who lives and works in Hidaskürti, a small village near to our program’s venue. 

Lavicza Zsolt előadása a GeoMaTech projektről

Many of the kids and their teachers knew earlier the fantastic pedagogical opportunities, which the Jomili offers and these were further extended, based on the presentations of Kristóf Fenyvesi and Zsolt Lavicza, who were talking about the Experience Workshop’s and the GeoMaTech project‘s special approach in mathematics education.



Special thanks to Mária Szanyi, László Pék and the “Jomili-Family” for hosting us! Photos by Roman Burian.

The event was covered in the press as well:


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