Educational Research

Our international research team’s interests involve:

  • STEM and STEAM education
  • education tool development
  • inquiry-based, cooperative, playful and experience-oriented mathematics education
  • girls in mathematics, science and coding
  • problem-solving in science, art and design learning
  • connecting hands-on activities and digital modeling in the learning process
  • phenomenon-based learning and co-teaching
  • multidisciplinary learning
  • inter-, cross- and transdisciplinary management and trans-curricular leadership in education

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A selection of our educational research projects:

Experience Workshop is partner in the

CoRe-Relief = COmplex Reintegration of Employees with changed working abilities ...

Poly-Universe in Teacher Education (PUNTE) Erasmus+

The aim of the project Poly-UNiverse in Teacher Training Education ...

Sillat (Bridges) project, 2018-2020

How to build bridges between people using the STEAM approach? ...

Hallå STEAM! svensk-finska STEAM Learning Day

Upptäckter, kreativitet, vetenskap och språkinlärning med hjälp av historia och ...

Logifaces methodology Erasmus+ – Analogue game

Logifaces is a geometric skill development game created by Hungarian ...

Erasmus+ Mathina 2018-

MATHINA – innovative digital mathematics for educators, young learners, and ...

Maths in Motion Erasmus+ 2017-2019

The goal of Maths in Motion was to create new ...

Poly-Universe in School Education (PUSE) Erasmus+

The Poly-Universe tool offers a new perspective for preschool, primary and ...

Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM! Erasmus+

The goal of the Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM (KIKS) ...

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