Educational Research

Our international research team’s interests involve:

  • STEM and STEAM education
  • education tool development
  • inquiry-based, cooperative, playful and experience-oriented mathematics education
  • girls in mathematics, science and coding
  • problem-solving in science, art and design learning
  • connecting hands-on activities and digital modeling in the learning process
  • phenomenon-based learning and co-teaching
  • multidisciplinary learning
  • inter-, cross- and transdisciplinary management and trans-curricular leadership in education

Contact us if you think we can help to achieve your goals:

A selection of our educational research projects:

STEAM Plus Erasmus+ 2021-2024

Intergenerational Learning for Adult Learners through STEAM: From the point of Hofstede’s 6D Model   In September 2015, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the 2030 Agenda for ...

STEAM-Connect 2021-2024

Co-creating Transdisciplinary STEM-to-STEAM Pedagogical Innovations through Connecting International Learning Communities from 01.11.2021 to 01.11.2024 Previous STEAM projects have proven the need for a community-based approach to STEAM education and this ...

Erasmus+ CoRe-Relief 2021-2024

CoRe-Relief = COmplex Reintegration of Employees with changed working abilities to REal LiFe CoRe-Relief brings together seven partners from six countries (Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Lithuania, Spain), and will last ...

Poly-Universe in Teacher Education (PUNTE) Erasmus+ (2020-2023)

The aim of the project Poly-UNiverse in Teacher Training Education (PUNTE) is to develop, test and disseminate innovative and trans-disciplinary pedagogical methods in teacher training in the fields of STEAM ...

HALLÅ STEAM! -koulupäivä

Hankeemme yhdistää matemaattista kokeilua, ruotsin kielen oppimista, luovuutta ja mielikuvitusta. Ohjaajat kertovat ruotsiksi matematiikasta ja sen historiasta sekä järjestävät eri tiedealoja yhdistäviä STEAM työpajoja, pelejä ja leikkejä ruotsin kieltä käyttäen. ...

Sillat (Bridges) project, 2018-2020

How to build bridges between people using the STEAM approach? How to contribute to language learning? How to support integration into society? How to learn from each other? “Sillat” is ...

Logifaces methodology Erasmus+ – Analogue game for digital minds 2019-2022

Logifaces is a geometric skill development game created by Hungarian architect and designer Daniel Lakos. The Logifaces set is made up of 16 truncated prism blocks. The 16 pieces contain ...

Erasmus+ Mathina 2018-2021

MATHINA – innovative digital mathematics for educators, young learners, and parents to connect non-formal and formal learning Mathina is a two-year collaboration Erasmus+ project between five European organizations, to promote ...

Maths in Motion Erasmus+ 2017-2019

The goal of Maths in Motion was to create new teaching and learning material in which body movement is the innovative and inclusive element in teaching mathematics.The project was coordinated ...

Poly-Universe in School Education (PUSE) Erasmus+ project (2017-2019)

The Poly-Universe tool offers a new perspective for preschool, primary and secondary school mathematics and art education by promoting: learning by doing playful education problem-solving through the combination of mathematics and ...

Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM! Erasmus+ (2015-2017)

The goal of the Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM (KIKS) international Erasmus+ project was to raise students’ awareness towards the multi- and transdisciplinary connections between the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, ...

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