Professor Dana-Picard and Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe Fullerene Ball in Israel

Israeli mathematics professor, Dr. Noah Dana-Picard from the Jerusalem College of Technology was captured with Experience Workshop’s 4D Frame Fullerene soccer ball in his hands by the journal Makor Rishon. The professor is our friend and together with his colleague, Prof. Dr. Sara Hershkovitz, belong to Experience Workshop’s Israeli STEAM-network.
Photo credit: Myriam Tsahi
In Makor Rishon‘s issue # 1125, published on March 1, 2019, Noah Dana-Picard talks about extraterrestrial existence. “We are naturally looking for life similar to the one we know from here, but who knows maybe there are other life forms as well” – said the professor. Internet Source:
Professor Dr. Noah Dana-Picard and Experience Workshop founder Kristóf Fenyvesi in 2017 March in Tel Aviv.

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