LUX BLOX have successfully landed in Experience Workshop’s Finnish Headquarters!


Here comes the Lux Blox, just landed in Experience Workshop’s Finnish headquarters, straightly from Illinois, US. Now builders and innovators of all ages at Experience Workshop’s upcoming Lux-events in Finland and elsewhere can use Lux to model machines, biological organisms, architecture — or whatever structures they can imagine!

11203661_1475524306071270_3850661240988019640_oWith Lux, builders are now free to make structures that curve, bend, and move. By using Lux’s futuristic modules, you really can create everything from scientific models in geometry, chemistry, physics and biology to the complex structures of engineering, architecture, contemporary design or anything based on your unlimited fantasy. Design a Fullerene molecule, an Imperial AT-AT Walker from the world of Star Wars or a hypermodern floating city from the future, it will be possible to make it from Lux.

“Our five-year old constructed several simple dragons, which he then wove into an imaginative story of knights and princesses. Thus, his experience combined experimentation in structural composition with detailed imaginative play. Our eleven year old preferred initially to create suggestions pictured on the product’s packaging (with the assistance of the tutorial videos on YouTube) such as the car with its two spherical wheels. She then moved onto building her own creations such as a hot air balloon and a castle.” – writes Sharon Heuscher, who just reviewed Lux and found it eligible for a Parent’s Choice Gold Award.

11823080_1514893815467652_5544398412595343964_oFrom now on, both children and STEAM education specialists will meet Lux at various Experience Workshop events. LUX will be introduced at various academic events too by Experience Workshop in this summer, such as the International Symmetry Festival in Vienna and the Bridges Finland 2016 in Jyväskylä. 

LUX can be ordered soon straightly from Experience Workshop. If you would like to get more information and our product updates, please send an e-mail to!

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