Experience Workshop @ Ars Electronica Festival 2017: Kelle, Orosz, GeoGebra, 4Dframe, Re-Bots & Robots

Experience Workshop’s international team is excited about to participate in Ars Electronica Festival between 7-11 September, 2017. We are very proud that our programs are invited for the second time to this prestigious showcase of media art with over 500 cutting-edge projects. Our own contributions include 4Dframe, GeoGebra, Artformer’s large robotic sculpture, Orosz’ perspectival art, Re-bots and robots and many more… Ars Electronica Festival’s main theme in 2017 is the Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Watch this short video on what we have done at Ars Electronica Festival in 2016:


Experience Workshop devotes its full program at Ars Electronica Festival 2017 to various perspectives on the robotification of society. We will have ‘Cognition Schöffer’ by Antal Kelle Artformer, an abstract interactive mobile sculpture dedicated to the pioneer of cybernetic art, Nicholas Schöffer. The robotic sculpture performs a slow, meditative “dance” based on randomized algorithms, until a visitor steps to the control panel and adds (another?) character to the piece.

In Experience Workshop’s activity area, participants can design, build and program the robot they need the most. By the end of the day we might have robots that go to school, do the homework and pass the exams. We might have robots that can cook, dance and sing, collect all the waste in the oceans, eliminate hunger and bring peace on Earth, or just take out the dog twice a day.

We will think about and discuss how all these different robots can live together, and how we can all live together with these different robots? Participants can work with Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe and ReBOT kit and we will have István Orosz’ anamorphoses from the analog world to discover the magic of different perspectives.

GeoGebra apps provided by the Johannes Kepler University will be available to help understand Artformer’s piece, to create your own anamorphosis and perfect robot designs.

During the program the Experience Workshop will be documenting and displaying all the stories told by the brainy builders
about the robot they need the most.

Our program on Ars Electronica Festival’s website: 


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