Experience Workshop at the “Talented Berlin” Conference

Journey of Creativity and Inspiration with Leonard Sommer’s Classroom Thinktank

The “Talented Berlin” conference, held on June 6, 2023, at the State Institute for School and Media Berlin-Brandenburg, was a celebration of creativity and the exploration of untapped potential in education.

The Conference

Teachers from across Berlin gathered to participate in workshops, uncovering innovative formats and methodologies, all with the aim of generating ideas within the classroom. At the heart of this event was Leonard Sommer’s Classroom Thinktank Initiative, a movement dedicated to fostering creativity in schools. The conference was an inspiring demonstration of the power of group imagination, under the direction of Michaela Casparé, Head of the Talent Development Department at the Senate Administration for Education, Youth, and Family of the State of Berlin

The Dynamic Team

The orchestrator of this exceptional conference, Michaela Casparé, along with her team, ensured a professionally organized and engaging event. Their dedication to promoting creativity and innovation in education was evident in every aspect of the conference. Their hard work and meticulous planning provided the ideal platform for teachers, principals, and students to come together and explore new horizons of learning.

Heartfelt appreciation was expessed to Michaela Casparé and her dedicated team for their incredible organization and attention to all details. Their commitment to inspiring teachers, principals, and most importantly, students, ensured that the impact of the conference reached far and wide.

The Inspiring Thinkers

Among the lineup of esteemed speakers, Experience Workshop’s STEAM Director, Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi has been an enthusiastic contributor to the Classroom Thinktank right from its’ beginnings. As a Senior Researcher at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä, Dr. Fenyvesi led a captivating workshop on digital mathematical modeling for sustainable development. Participants had the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of the Warka Water Project. The participating students modelled with hands-on and digital tools a tower, which extracts drinking water from the air, igniting creativity and imagination through STEAM education. Dr. Fenyvesi’s expertise and passion for innovation left a lasting impression on all who attended.

Unleashing the Creative Spirit

The conference was brimming with captivating workshops that sparked the attendees’ creativity and left them inspired to implement fresh approaches in their classrooms. Philippe Longchamps, Sweden’s “Teacher of the Year 2020,” led the workshop together with his teenager daughter. They shared their insights into the realm of robotics using Experience Workshop’s 4DFrame mechatronics, Arduino-Bluetooth robots. This eye-opening workshop showcased the adventurous paths that can be explored in education through creative technology. 

Nina Mülhens, Co-Founder and Managing Director of DigitalSchoolStory, along with organizational developer Stefanie Klicks, introduced participants to the “DigitalSchoolStory” method. This innovative approach empowered students to create creative short videos in the popular TikTok format, transforming their learning content into engaging visual narratives. Prof. Dr. Andreas Dengel, a distinguished Professor of Computer Science Education at Goethe University Frankfurt, conducted a practical workshop on utilizing artificial intelligence to foster creativity in teaching. This interactive session equipped participants with valuable tools and insights for incorporating AI into their classrooms.

A Journey of Ideas

The conference culminated in an exhilarating “Stand-Up” session, where participants collectively harnessed the power of their ideas. Teachers and students gathered around the idea table under the direction of Leonard Sommer, the innovative brain behind the Initiative Classroom Thinktank, and produced a wealth of cutting-edge ideas for the future of education. 

The Benefits of Collaboration

In addition to Dr. Fenyvesi’s contributions, Georg Schumacher, Susanne Kanngießer, and Dr. Kristina Calvert led additional workshops that gave the conference program more depth. These workshops further reinforced the collaborative nature of the event, showcasing the collective efforts to nurture creativity and propel education into new frontiers.


The “Talented Berlin” conference was a resounding success, illuminating the path towards a future where creativity and potential flourish within educational settings. Participants set out on a journey of innovation under the direction of the Initiative Classroom Thinktank and its visionary members, such as Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi, discovering fresh ways to reveal their students’ hidden talents. With the steadfast leadership of Michaela Casparé and her team, this conference proved to be a milestone in the pursuit of fostering creativity and unleashing the full potential of education in Berlin.

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