Experience Workshop celebrating Jyväskylä’s birthday with a STEAM-party



The City of Jyväskylä celebrated its 182. anniversary on March 23. Jyvälän Setlementti and Experience Workshop joined the events in the city library with STEAM family workshops.

The highlight of the day was the creation of a beautiful carpet made of CaraWonga’s recycled industrial textile pieces.

Thanks to Olivia Oláh, children enjoyed doing handicrafts, while others got immersed in the 4D Frame soft block or snowflake sets, or built castles with Jomili wooden cubes.

A table full of CaraWonga mosaic sets and a special set of Islamic girih (or knot) to challenge minds used to puzzles (we thank Sahar Abdolmalekian for instructing this workshop).

The event was part of the Sillat (Bridges) project, a collaboration between Experience Workshop and Jyvälän Settlements. It is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.


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