Experience Workshop hosted the “Poly-Universe in School Education” Erasmus+ project in Finland

Experience Workshop hosted a dozen maths teachers from a range of countries, in order to turn the fabulous Poly-universe tool into an educational aid at maths classes. By the way, in the end maths will become fun of course!

It was a 2-day transnational meeting on 31.05. and 01.06. within the frameworks of the Erasmus+ PUSE (Poly-Universe in School Education) project that maths teachers and researchers from Hungary, Finland, Slovakia and Spain came together to exchange ideas about the ongoing research of the use of Poly-Universe in maths education. The Poly-Universe is a geometric skill development game developed by artist János Szász Saxon

The two exciting days spent together were equal to a deep dive into Finnish education as well, since the meeting took place at schools in Jyväskylä, Central Finland. At the Viitaniemi School we had the chance to get acquainted with pupils of Leena Kuorikoski and Merja Sinnemäki, who have already had a range of experiences in working with STEAM tools. Pupils were eager to talk about their experiences: 

On the other day, at Jyväskylä’s Christian School, our Finnish teachers participating in the project were Juha Kyyrä and Jukka Sinnemäki. Thanks to them and their pupils, the day passed by rapidly from one Poly-Universe workshop to the next. 

Finnish schools are themselves exciting sites to visit. If you happen to get a glimpse of a first graders’ classroom during the break, you’ll definitely see – wall bars! 

In rare cases though, but you might even mistake the regular classroom for a gymn. (This is what Jukka Sinnemäki’s classroom looks like, who was one of the shortlisted 50 teachers running for the “Best Teacher of the World” prize this year.) 

If you venture into the workshop spaces downstairs, you’ll see this – meant for kids from already 7 years on: 

The third day (day off!) drove us to the shores of the lake Jyväsjärvi, where we jumped into Tavinsulka’s canoes and followed the water route until we caught sight of the paradisiacal Kalasaari – the Island of Fish. Sauna, fishing, Finnish lunch, mökki (summer cottage), an experience topped with swarms of mosquitoes – what else would you desire on a beautiful Finnish summer day? 

Project Coordinator:
Polyuniverse Ltd., Hungary

Experience Workshop ay, Finland
Fazekas Mihály Practicing Primary School and Grammar School, Hungary
Nafarroako Ikastolen Elkartea, Spain
NetCoGame Gameful Living Research Center, Hungary
Základná skola Gergelya, Slovakia

Erasmus+ Project ref. 2017-1-HU01-KA201-035938



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