HARPPI, Maunula Math Fest 2021

Experience Workshop’s Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Maths Creative Hub on 13.11.2021 at the HARPPI festival in Helsinki’s Maunula High School.


Help each other figure out how to build up Experience Workshop’s Event Space: a 3-meter-high, 5-meter-wide geodesic dome, an exact copy of NASA’s space architecture, designed by the visionary architect Richard Buckminster-Fuller. Collaborative problem-solving with almost 1000 separate modules. Does space architecture inspire large things to be built on the Earth? Yes. The result is a structurally similar construction, like the wireframe of the world largest ice dome, which was realized in Juuka, Finland in 2016 by the Dutch architect Arno Pronk and his international team in collaboration with Experience Workshop.

We used Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe STEAM toolkit for building.



Connecting areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in the learning process – as known as STEAM – can get a real boost when it comes to robotics. Participants were welcome to try 4Dframe hands-on robotics toolkit to create any kind of constructions (see a video here).



At the Hallå STEAM Booth, Johan Sten offered STEAM activities in Swedish language.



In the Free Discovery&Play Area everyone could play and experiment with innovative STEAM games from Experience Workshop’s collection: the Design Award Winner Logifaces from Hungary is the ANALOGUE GAME FOR DIGITAL MINDS. LOGIFACES lets you train your mind, boost your creativity and challenge yourself and your friends.



Poly-universe from Hungary offers a new perspective for mathematics and art education. The family set consists of 24 pieces each of the 3 shapes: the triangle, the circle and the square.



Mondrian Blocks and Smart Egg

Thousands of children and adults are playing Mondrian Blocks worldwide. 

Smart Egg is a Hungarian invention based on the unique idea of a wand driven through the maze inside the Egg. 


Look back on Harppi 2019 here


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