Outerspace warriors celebrating schools in Finland

Toukofest 2019 – the yearly organized festival for schoolchildren in Jyväskylä’s sports hall Hipposhalli on 29.05. – a day of dance, play, and all sorts of exciting explorations! Experience Workshop was there with Jyvälä Settlements/Sillat project to build the 4D Frame warka water tower, to play music, dwell into the world of STEAM tools – and to enjoy the surprise company of outerspace warriors 🙂

Thank you again, Oma polku group for teaming up with us. Especially Amir, Nuur, Naim and Samson!

Visitors could experiment with 4D Frame, LUX, Itsphun, Poly-Universe and CaraWonga


The event was part of the Sillat (Bridges) project, a collaboration between Experience Workshop and Jyvälän Settlements. It is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

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