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Until the end of 2019 July, you can access and download Journal of Mathematics and the Arts’ full special double issue on education for free. The editors, Paul Gailiunas, UK and Kristóf Fenyvesi, University of Jyväskylä, Finland wish you a nice time when browsing the articles.

Go to this link and enjoy FREE ACCESS:

“The papers that are here represent a wide variety of artistic disciplines in combination with mathematics in a range of educational contexts, and it is encouraging to know that what might seem to be a very narrowly defined area includes so much diversity. The response to the call for papers has been truly international, and it has been interesting to see how priorities vary so much across different countries.” (Editorial)

The story behind the cover photo:

Table of Contents
Mathematics and the Arts in Education

Paul Gailiunas & Kristóf Fenyvesi

Integrative phenomena in visual arts and mathematics
Päivi Portaankorva-Koivisto & Mirka Havinga

Is the relationship between art and mathematics addressed thoroughly in Spanish secondary school textbooks?
Jose Manuel Diego-Mantecón, Teresa F. Blanco, José Benito Búa Ares & Pablo González Sequeiros
Pages: 25-47

Using the work of Jorge Luis Borges to identify and confront students’ misconceptions about infinity
Lina Medina Ibarra, Avenilde Romo-Vázquez & Mario Sánchez Aguilar
Pages: 48-59

Geometrical features of a Jewish monument: study with a DGS
Th. Dana-Picard & S. Hershkovitz
Pages: 60-71

Geometric transformations and Talavera tiles: a culturally responsive approach to teacher professional development and mathematics teaching
Crystal Kalinec-Craig, Priya V. Prasad & Carolyn Luna
Pages: 72-90

Exponentials and logarithms: a proposal for a classroom art project
Stephen Maxwell Campbell
Pages: 91-99

Rhythmical pulsation: art, mimesis and mathematics in primary school following Mary Everest Boole
Paola Magrone, Sara Massenzi & Ana Millan Gasca
Pages: 100-111

Dancing on ice: mathematics of blade tracings
Diana Cheng, Tetyana Berezovski & Rachael Talbert
Pages: 112-130

Learning to love math through the exploration of maypole patterns
Julianna Campbell & Christine von Renesse
Pages: 131-151

Geometry in the walnut grove: an applied mathematical approach to art
E. O. Harriss, C. Smith & A. Carpenter
Pages: 152-172

Music as math waves: exploring trigonometry through sound
Candice M. Quinn, Derek K. Smith, Michaele F. Chappell, Susan D. Carver, Stephen Duffy, John P. Holcomb Jr, Debbie Jackson & Andrew Resnick
Pages: 173-184

Sensual mathematics
Kirsi Peltonen
Pages: 185-210

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