Új partnerünk: Andrea Capozucca

Az ÉlményMűhely új olaszországi partnere a matematika népszerűsítésével évtizedek óta foglalkozó Andrea Capozucca. Andrea a matematika és a fizika professzora, a népszerű Fermhamente tudománynépszerűsítő fesztivál szervezője, és a Labilia s.r.l. vállalkozás STEAM igazgatója.

Andrea Capozucca szakmai életrajza angolul:
Graduated in Mathematics and PhD in Complexity Science, he is currently professor of Mathematics and Physics at the „IIS Da Vinci” of Civitanova Marche. He has collaborated and collaborates in communication and didactic activities of Mathematics both with Italian universities (Camerino, Urbino, Pristem Bocconi, LIUC), and with international realities (The Bridges Organization, Bath Taps into Science).

He has been working for over ten years in the field of science outreach and public engagement with science, mathematics and technology. Since 2018, he has been a member of the International Coalition of STEAM Educators coordinated by Chris Brownell of Fresno Pacific University and a member of the Scientific Council of Matematita, an inter-university research center for communication and informal learning of mathematics.

He also carries out the activity of trainer for individuals and teachers of all types of schools. In particular, he curates and supervised projects on laboratory teaching for the “MathUp” courses conceived by MaTeinItaly. He is the creator and organizer of events such as „Mathematics under the umbrella”, „Informal Mathematics: aperitifs with science”, „Math & Co: mathematics between art and play”, „VereMath Street”, „Scienza in Contrada”, „Scienza in Vacation”.

He curates a series of articles for the Lettera Matematica magazine and since September 2019 he has created the Steam inserts for Focus Scuola, the magazine for teachers published by Mondadori.

He is co-author of the book „The trap and the mathematical solution” (Giaconi Editore, 2016) and author of the monograph „Communicating mathematics” (Egea, 2018) within the Alice & Bob series.

Since 2017 he is Scientific Director of „FermHamente”, Science Festival of Fermo.

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