Hungarian school tours Finland with Experience Workshop

STEAM workshop by Experience Workshop: teachers students from Áron Szilády High School and Jyväskylä's Christian school build the Warka water tower together

Experience Workshop provided professional and management background to the Hungarian high school Áron Szilády in their Erasmus+ KA121 mobility project. 16 ninth grade (14-year-old) students and 4 teachers visited Finland from the school.

Their wish was to get in touch with children and teachers and gain first-hand experience of Finnish education. We've established the connection to the Christian school in Jyväskylä, provided STEAM training for teachers and free-time program and helped also to put the logistics of the trip together.

Teacher training with Kristof Fenyvesi STEAM director

In the frameworks of a job shadowing program, Szilády's teachers exchanged ideas and good practices with teachers of the Christian school. During the same time, students participated in everyday Finnish school life for a few days, among others in Jukka Sinnemäki's class, who has been a long-time partner of Experience Workshop. Jukka is a well-known practitioner of well-being based learning and teaching, who was finalist of the Global Teacher Award in 2019.

Students have built together a tower in the school gymn, using Experience Workshop's 4dframe set. It models a real tower called the Warka Water tower, an invention able to collect water from the air, which is in use in water-poor areas of Africa. The workshop was joined by Ethiopian educator and writer Rahel Tariku. A few days later, students passed over their knowledge to peers in the Tampere Christian school, where they've constructed the tower once again.

In the afternoons, Szilády's teachers participated in the teacher training in STEAM education, provided by Kristof Fenyvesi at the co-working space of Crazy Town. In one of the occasions, students joined to freely experiment, play and build with Experience Workshop's STEAM toolkits.

Hungarian students reported:

I really enjoyed the Finnish landscape, the sauna, the sightseeing, and also being at school and learning about the customs there.

On the first day at school, we got to know some students, had lunch together and therefore talked through the following lessons. On the following days, we met every afternoon or evening, and we developed very close friendships.

I became more outgoing, open and direct with people.

Students, teachers, organizers on the top of the Vesilinna observation tower in Jyväskylä

And of course, participants also had time to see around in Jyväskylä and Tampere as well. They told us, they were definitely planning to come back again!

Hungarian teachers reported:

I understood something about STEAM and would be happy to delve into a maths project on another similar visit.

Relations were built, for a possible joint project in the future.

I learned about the Finnish culture and history and I really enjoyed the social learning situations and, most of all, the collaborative teaching sessions in Tampere.

Students have developed skills such as cultural awareness, communication and interpersonal skills, language expression, teamwork, self-discipline and self-awareness.

STEAM workshop by Experience Workshop: students from Áron Szilády High School and Tampere's Christian school together build the Warka water tower 

We thank Ferenc Jánosi and Tamás Kiss for the coordination, and Leevi Ahopelto for organizing the Tampere program. And of course, thank you all, Szilády students and teachers for visiting us!

Photos: Kristóf Fenyvesi, Ferenc Jánosi, Nóra Somlyódy

The mobility programme has been realized in the frameworks of Earsmus+ KA121 programme.

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