The Building Blocks of Visual Perception: Jomili Cubes Indiegogo Campaign Starts Now!


“A real child can go to bed–yet still build towers in its head.” – wrote Marvin Minsky, the father of Artificial Intelligence, who has started to train his robot arm by block playing in the end of the 1960s. Just some years before Minsky’s experiments, Zoltán Paul Dienes has published his book “Building Up Mathematics” (1961) and suggested his mathematical block set to reform mathematics learning… Now, Jomili Cubes are here to change the game and to link arts and mathematics, aesthetics and logic, learning and creativity on a simply surprising way. Support Jomili Cubes on Indiegogo, the campaign starts now!

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Jomili Experience Workshop at Bridges Seoul 2014, Korea. Photos: Kristóf Fenyvesi.

Experience Workshop is using Jomili blocks worldwide right from the beginning, when the prototypes of the game has became available for classroom use. During our many years of successful experiments, we became convinced about the outstanding qualities and potentials of this “simply complex” system. Now, Experience Workshop is proud to manage Jomili Learning to take care about the educational research and development in the Jomili team.


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