Finnish KIKS-schools on stage! Award ceremony of the 1st Finnish 4Dframe Challenge at University of Jyväskylä’s European Researchers’ Night


Three “Kids Inspiring Kids in STEAM” (KIKS) Erasmus+ project teams have won the valuable awards of the 1st Finnish 4Dframe Challenge, which was realized in cooperation with Korean and Nordic 4Dframe and Experience Workshop on August 12, 2016 in the Bridges Finland conference.  The students and teachers from Viitaniemi and Huhtasuo KIKS-schools have already got their big packages of 4Dframe on 30 September, 2016 in the opening of the European Researchs’ Night in Jyväskylä in Finland. Congratulations!

Clever constructions

Teams participating in the 1st Finnish 4Dframe Challenge had 90 minutes to design and create an original construction, which was able to move on some interesting ways. Children of many ages – some of them together with their parents – were participating in the program.


The Viitaniemi Team of HASEEB SHAIKH, ANDREA CARUSO and MATIAS MAHLAMÄKI created a Special Windmill and a Clockwork’s Prototype.


OLIVER PELTOLA & ARTTO SARALAINEN from Huhtaso school experimented with complex mobile structures.


From Viitaniemi school’s KIDS INSPIRING KIDS IN STEAM (KIKS) team, SIDRA SHAIKH & EMERALD KANANEN designed a funny mobile composition about the encounter between the Alien Man and a turbine.

KIKS-students were accompanying with their teachers at the Researchers’ Night: Merja Sinnemäki & Leena Kuorikoski from Viitaniemi and Ulla Koskiahde from Huhtasuo. The valuable prizes of 4Dframe were given by the chairman of our jury, the researcher and teacher Pirjo Häkkinen. All results of the 1st Finnish 4Dframe Challenge were on exhibition in the University of Jyväskylä Museum’s Soihtu Exhibition Center for a full month after the challenge. 


4Dframe Warka Water tower on small and large scale: 4Dframe workshops at Bridges Finland 2016

While the students were working on their clever constructions, teachers, researchers and artists were participating in Bridges Finland 2016 and working on 4Dframe modells of Warka Water, a social design concept by the Italian architect, Arturo Vittori. The 4Dframe workshops were led by Hogul Park and Kristóf Fenyvesi. For more details, please check-out their corresponding workshop paper:


Our Bridges Finland 2016 4Dframe workshop was an adaptation of the Warka Water social design project, launched by the architect Arturo Vittori in response to Ethiopia’s diminished sources of drinking water. Participants of our workshop studied the geometry of the Warka Water tower and explored its water harvesting technique, which is based on collecting water from the air.






In addition to the small scale 4Dframe Warka Water tower models, children could also participate in creating a large scale model of it at Bridges Family Day. It was a great fun!


The genius in the bottle! – Diego Lieban, our colleague from Brazil.

Our special time just made even more special because of the personal participation of 4Dframe‘s inventor, Hogul Park and his wonderful team from Korea and Ms. Mariana Back from Nordic 4Dframe, Sweden! We have learnt a lot from them again! Thank you!


An unstoppable creative mind: Hogul Park, inventor of 4Dframe

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