“Kids Inspiring Kids for STEAM” Erasmus+ Multiplier Event with the Experience Workshop at the European Researchers’ Night Budapest

Watch our video, we have made on the venue with drones:

The closing multiplier event of the “KIKS” – KIDS INSPIRING KIDS IN STEAM Erasmus+ project has been held on September 29, 2017, in the Experience Workshop Tent at the European Researchers’ Night at the Bay Zoltan Institute in Budapest.

The special guest of the day was the ANK-School’s KIKS Team. Their students led scientific and artistic workshops for the other students and adults, who have visited Experience Workshop’s STEAM space

ANK-Pécs’s KIKS group has been a participant of KIKS project right from the beginning. Their special topic was the combination of geometry with hands-on robot building and exploring these connections’ scientific and artistic potentials. The presentation of there first KIKS project can be found on the KIKS project’s website:


They also summarized their achievements in a video:

Their activities have provided inspiration also to STEAM-groups in other countries even outside the KIKS project! STEAM Atelier Italy have brought forward the thinking into wider artistic dimensions:


In the Researchers’ Night the ANK KIKS students have led fractal building workshops, and also the robot building from recycled materials. Students have been accompanied by Judit Mihály and Ildikó Szabó teachers and Exprerience Workshop’s ReBot project team Ákos Vecsei and Gábor Vecsei. The event documentation have been done by Károly Ludvigh and Experience Workshop’s Drone TV.

More on the KIKS project: https://www.kiks.unican.es/en/

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