Combinatorics class with Poly-Universe from Jyväskylä

The Erasmus+ Poly-Universe project continues this autumn! Math and art teachers from Viitaniemi school, Jyväskylä joined forces and invented an activity for 9th graders. 

Merja Sinnemäki (science and math teacher) and Leena Kuorikoski (art teacher) of the Viitaniemi School in Jyväskylä looked for an introductory activity to combinatorics. By using the Poly-Universe tool, Merja said they succeeded to combine multiple goals: “an introduction to mathematical games, developing geometrical skills, learning and having fun.”

Merja made use of the combination possibilities of the Poly-Universe game, available on the tool’s website:

Mathematics: Set-up and combination possibilities of the Poly-Universe Game Family

Judging from the pictures, the class was really successful! Next time the arts will be in the focus and Leena will take the leading role. Stay tuned, we continue reporting! 

Thank you Merja, Leena and students for the images and the fun video!

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