Let’s Do Your Own Mathematics! Experience Workshop in Laukaa, Finland

On 25 February, 2016 Experience Workshop has visited the school of Laukaa, the Sydän-Laukaan koulu in Finland. Three students of the school, Inkeri Nurminen, Anna Hytönen and Helmi Herteli, as young journalists have published an extensive report on the event in the local newspaper, the Laukaa-Konnevesi News. Please find the article below! Big thanks for the mathematics and arts teacher, Mirka Havinga and for all her colleagues and students for making this visit possible!

About 200 students have listened Dr. Osmo Pekonen’s (University of Jyväskylä) opening talk on the Leonardo’s Ice Bridge project and he also gave a lecture on the first scientific explorers in the North


After the opening, several interactive workshops took place with the participation of more than a hundred students. With the leadership of Experience Workshop‘s director Dr. Kristóf Fenyvesi from University of Jyväskylä a 4dFrame Giant Geodesic Dome was built from almost 1000 parts and the students also built snowflakes, buckyballs and several other interesting structures.


The students even created their own mathematical designs!


Mathematical and artistic patterns have been explored with the help of Experience Worlkshop’s GianTile set, the Hungarian Jomili and many more interesting tools.






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