Micro:bit Goes to the Theater in Finland! Experience Workshop and Jyväskylä Contemporary Theater Association’s Collaboration

Experience Workshop is getting a lot of inspiration by collaborating with Jyväskylä Contemporary Theater Association. The ‘Of(f) Humanity Project’, developed by the Association, puts coding, robots and deeply human questions on the stage mainly for adult audience, but the project holds interesting pedagogical potentials for children workshops as well. In addition to several technological tools and gadgets, Micro:bit is implemented in the Of(f) Humanity Project’s new performance to create visual effects throughout the whole play.

Watch our video on the premiere:

On 10 December, 2017 Of(f) Humanity Project’s theater show was taking place in Jyväskylä, Finland. In addition to the performance, a symposium was organized, where Experience Workshop’s STEAM learning program, focused on hands-on robotics was introduced by Experience Workshop’s CEO, Kristóf Fenyvesi.

The program of the event can be found here:

The symposium was followed by the theater performance, directed by Laura Häkkinen. The event was coordinated by Mirva Karkinen.

Thanks to Laura and Mirva for having us there!   

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