Platonic solids from Itsphun at Norssi school

At "Norssi" School's science days in Jyväskylä in mid-April we've also visited a second class of first-graders, Minna Suikkari's class. We've moved out of the classroom to a comfortable inbetween space with carpet floor.

Our idea was to introduce Platonic solids with the help of the colorful Itsphun toolkit. Itsphun is a system of interlocking shapes which contains triangular, square, pentagonal and hexagonal pieces.

Kristof Fenyvesi introduced the shapes to the children one by one and also showed some printed patterns of ready 3D geometrical shapes. This video tutorial shows how easily pieces connect to each other.

Children enjoyed the moments of free creation and ended up piling up regular geometrical shapes into colorful towers. There were also funny new hats and other headcoverings emerging from Itsphun pieces. And happy, smiling faces above all 🙂

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