Poly-Universe in Teacher Education (PUNTE) Erasmus+ (2020-2023)

The aim of the project Poly-UNiverse in Teacher Training Education (PUNTE) is to develop, test and disseminate innovative and trans-disciplinary pedagogical methods in teacher training in the fields of STEAM and beyond. Based on the Poly-Universe tool we build a new educational framework to improve future teachers’ disciplinary and transversal skills and stimulate kind of a visual paradigm shift in teacher training.

The consortium includes 8 members from 7 European countries and an associated partner from the United States. 

Go to the PUNTE project website (www.punte.eu) for further information.

Read the Experience Workshop news about project results here:

 PUNTE Methodological Handbook

 Courses in Teacher Education

 Integrated Design Course and Task Repository


Partner organizations:

Universitatea Crestina Partium, Romania
Univerzita J. Selyeho, Slovakia
Experience Workshop ay, Finland

The project (2020-1-HU01-KA203-078810) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Maximum grant amount: 264 485 EUR. Project period: 1 September 2020 – 31 August 2023.

This project relies on the results of the Poly-Universe in School Education (PUSE) Erasmus+.

Click here to learn more about the toolkit and where to buy it.

Beyond the Limits of Space and Time: Always Poly-Universe

In August 2023, we had our last transnational meeting in our Erasmus+ PUNTE project. The meeting was hosted by Eger...

Poly-Universe in Higher Education: The Integrated Product Design Course 

Integrated Product Design Course realised at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in collaboration with Experience Workshop, Poly-Universe Ltd, and...

Poly-Universe in Teacher Education Multiplier Event

The event was held at the Library of the University of Jyväskylä to a gathering of about 30 highly interested...

Creative reinterpretation of science with PUNTE partners

Multiplier event and TPM meeting provided an excellent opportunity to have professional discussions and to clarify current project tasks...

PUNTE task repository

The repository includes many fields and important learning skills, among others inclusion, interdisciplinary, communication, sciences, logic games and language skills...

PUNTE Erasmus+ multiplier event

Welcome to the multiplier event of the Poly-Universe in Teacher Education Erasmus+ project!...

Erasmus+ PUNTE meeting in Subotica

End of August, as a startup of our last PUNTE project-year (Poly-Universe in Teacher Education), we spent a couple of...

STEAM and social inclusion – new publication about Experience Workshop

World Scientific Series on Science Communication: Volume 3 Handbook of Mathematical Science Communication Edited by: Anna Maria Hartkopf (Freie Universität Berlin...

Short, intensive, efficient and fun – PUNTE courses in Komarno

As for our Erasmus+ PUNTE project, we took an important step forward in May. We organized five pilot courses in...

Poly-Universe in Teacher Training Education Methodological Study

Handbook for pre-service and in-service teachers and students The PUNTE Methodological Handbook presents the possibilities of introducing and applying the...

PUNTE transnational meeting in Jyväskylä

Despite COVID-challenges, several of our Erasmus+ partners from the project Poly-Universe in Teacher Education (PUNTE) (2020-2023) were able to participate...

HARPPI, Maunula Math Fest 2021

Experience Workshop’s Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Maths Creative Hub on 13.11.2021 at the HARPPI festival in Helsinki’s Maunula High School. LET’S BUILD A GIGANTIC...

Experience Workshop coordinates Poly-Universe in Teacher Education Erasmus+ in Finland

We are happy to announce that there is new funding to continue the explorations with the Poly-Universe toolkit, one year...

Poly-Universe in Teacher Education (PUNTE) Erasmus+ (2020-2023)

The aim of the project Poly-UNiverse in Teacher Training Education (PUNTE) is to develop, test and disseminate innovative and trans-disciplinary...
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