STEM-day at the Schildt High School

The Schildt High School in Jyväskylä has organized LUMA days (or STEM days) on the 21st of April. Experience Workshop held a 4dframe building workshop concentrating on the soccer ball.

First, the possible patterns of the ball surface were introduced, using the so-called “classic” pattern of football as an example, which, however, did not become common until the 1970s. The students were given the task to build a model of the “classical football” (i.e. truncated icosahedron) in different colours and sizes.

In nature, the structure of the truncated icosahedron occurs in the fullerene molecule from which graphene, one of nature’s strongest substances, is formed.

The workshop was held by dr. Osmo Pekonen (University of Jyväskylä).

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