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One of the main purposes of mathematics learning is to let everyone experience the joy of thinking. A child’s joy grows with each discovery, and mathematics indeed consists of interesting problems to think about. Solving a difficult problem requires persistence and willpower. It requires also leaving the comfort zone, turning into possible what seemed impossible, thinking outside of the box. Therefore, mathematical problem solving is not simply a pragmatic process, but it expands the imagination, develops creativity, and can also improve your character

Problem-solving can be engaging, motivating and a lot of fun when it is part of an exciting story or an amusing game. The project MATHINA offers a combination of all these.


MATHINA is presently available in the following languages: English, German, Italian and Portuguese.

The platform MATHINA contains 16 interactive tales in four thematic areas of mathematics. That is:

  • logic. In Logi-city, the messages and stories explorers encounter are all of a logical nature. Mathina and Leo are challenged by transforming traffic lights, a trap hidden in the pavement, then they get involved in a thief chase, and also bump into a strange soccer team. Now you can choose to join Mathina and Leo in their explorations!
  • symmetry. Symmetry Fair is a huge fun park with all kinds of amusements! But notice that in Symmetry fair everything should be … symmetric! Mathina and Leo will find all kinds of entertainment there: strange mazes using mirrors, stalls where they can play many games or build symmetric toys, unusual carousels and more.
  • cryptography. The Buccaneers Island? The perfect place to hide our treasures! Be prepared for deciphering old messages of long-ago pirates…
  • spatial visualization. In The land of the firebirds, flying fire creatures rule the skies. Wizards and firebird trainers learn how to talk and play with dragons, phoenixes, and minuscule sparkbugs, making incredible shapes in the air. In this land Mathina and Leo meet Flamma, the old lady who lets them discover the mysteries of fire creatures.

The tales are meant for children and youth between 4 and 19 and of course their parents and teachers for both formal and non-formal education. 

How to use MATHINA?

Go to
From you can enter the story world by clicking on Discover the world of Mathina. Enter and choose one of the 16 stories! 

From you can also access the educational background materials. Click on the Educator’s guide to know more about the maths behind the stories. You learn here about: 

  • mathematical concepts and
  • how to use the apps in the stories

The specific mathematics problems behind the stories are described in this booklet (.pdf)

The initial concept of MATHINA is described in this booklet (.pdf)

MATHINA creators present their contributions on youtube. Watch these MATHINA videos here.

Be up to date with MATHINA:


Erasmus+ MATHINA project reference: 2018-1-DE03-KA201-047397

See all MATHINA posts here.




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