The Power of STEAM in Adult Education

As part of our Erasmus+ STEAM Plus project, we have designed a STEAM course for adult learners in close collaboration with our project partner, the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

The created curriculum provides a clear progression for participants, starting with foundational concepts and gradually advancing to more specialised skills and areas of expertise within STEAM disciplines. The division into stages – Foundations, Specialization, and Coaching/Mentoring – offers a cohesive framework that allows learners to develop a comprehensive understanding of STEAM education, problem-solving, and leadership throughout the course.

The 120-hour curriculum acts as a tactical road map, outlines carefully the process of skill acquisition and learning, and ensures that participants follow a logical and well-structured path to mastery both inside the STEAM education fields and beyond.

One part of “The Power of STEAM” course was addressed to the people determined for self-development at basic level. In addition to this, a selected group among the participants has completed C1, C2 and D1, D2 levels and became STEAM Plus volunteers.

Check out the kick-off basic video training sessions here: First session / Second session / Third session / Fourth session. The sessions were followed by self-directed learning.

With its multidisciplinary approach, STEAM swiftly equips adults to navigate the changing tides. “The Power of STEAM” training has provided an emotionally empowering and fresh perspective on societal interactions, professional growth, and problem-solving abilities.

Erasmus+ 2020-1-TR01-KA227-ADU-098071


Erzurum Technical University, Turkey


University of Linz, Austria
Mecidiye Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey
Erbisad, Turkey
Experience Workshop ay, Finland

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