“The World at Play” Exhibition and Exclusive Book Launch

At the opening event of the exhibition for children and young people, we bring together art, science and technology in the spirit of STEAM learning.

Join us at the Jyväskylä Art Museum for the debut of the “The World at Play” exhibition, an enchanting blend of art, science, education, and sustainability.

Experience the first glimpse of the book “MathArt Expressions by South African Youth: Creative Visual Connections with Mathematics.” Secure your copy on site, as only a limited number are available for event attendees.

The focus of the exhibition and workshops is to encourage children and young people to explore sustainable development in a creative way. What is a better future and how do we make it happen? How AI art can support collaboration. How do we use art and science to bring hope to the future?

WHEN? August 18, 2023 14:00
WHERE? Art Museum Jyväskylä, Kauppakatu 23, Jyväskylä

The exhibition features 28 works by South African children and young people, the result of a competition combining art and mathematics. The works combine young people’s own lives, emotions, experiences and mathematics. While the works reflect on the relationship of mathematics to the world, nature, culture and the universe as a whole, they also reflect young people’s relationship to sustainability and responsibility.

The works in the exhibition represent global thinking and serve as inspiration for the works of Finnish children and young people, which are created in workshops during the exhibition tours.

See you there!

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