Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe Re-Bots are debuting on Europe’s largest STEM education fair, Science on Stage in 2017


October 7-9, 2016, the Hungarian division of Europe’s largest international STEM education festival, Science on Stage has selected Experience Workshop’s 4Dframe Re-bot project led by Ákos Vecsei, to represent Hungary in Science on Stage 2017. With Re-bot toolkit, children from the age of 5 are able to design, build and program robots by recycling simple household waste items or by using the amazing Korean construction kit, 4Dframe + their smartphones.



This is not the first time for Ákos Vecsei’s Re-Bots, when they are stepping on international stage. Various Re-Bots created by children has ‘invaded’ Experience Workshop’s Math-Art Playgrounds in Ars Electronica Festival, Linz and at Helsinki Design Festival as well. Our detailed reports on these events will be coming up soon.

Some examples from our first pilots from Experience Workshop’s Re-Bot in cooperation with our Korean partner, 4Dframe:

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